by chris klippel

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EP compilation of shitty recordings. dont like 'em? well FUCK


released July 25, 2010

chris klippel



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Chris Klippel San Francisco, California

"a catchy mishmash of his clarinet, guitar, and loads of falsetto harmonies over toe-tapping rhythms . . . some of the most inventive sounds I’ve heard all year." - The Bay Bridged

Nominated for The Deli SF Magazine's Best New Artist of 2013

"keeping our city funky and colorful, a bright contrast beneath the machine grey cloud of the tech-age." - The Deli Magazine
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Track Name: Kinda Full
Its been a while, if it were:
I would talk about it everyday.
Like a child I'd be hurt,
but no one else would feel this way.

I try to hide but I cant.
Im just going around in circles.
I dont know what I should be doing
but i know its true:
I want to see you dance with me
in my arms, in your eyes, on my feet

I know its short but its sweet,
Its the thought that counts after all
the thinking ive been doing about you and me
its my fault if I dont say enough
I dont want to fight I just want to be with you.
Ive got a wall to break but Im big and strong.
(I may be wrong, I just want to see this through)
Track Name: My Swerve
when the moon's hanging heavy in the sky
i gotta run, i gotta fly.
when the moon's hanging low
i gotta go i gotta go.
if youre going past, if you dont
i dont want to know if you dont go.
and if youre going through, if you do
i dont want to be seen in the background
with my pants down,
im trying to get on with my swerve
you dont want to let me.
ive had it about to here.
if i wanna drink, if i wanna smoke/drink with you...
yeah i dont want to get too drunk too.
if you want to dance with me, ill take you to my room
cause i dont want to be chopped and screwed
standing on a corner
with my pants down to my knees
you dont want to see me
ive had it about to here.
someone once told me:
gold grows at the bottom of trees
leaves fall and they die
i see that its life
breaking through the cracks of concrete
that grow into the city streets
i make my home among the trees and leaves of stone
alone ive come to be..
if you want to be if you want to be alone with me too:
ive got some motherfucking tests for you
and if you pass, or if you dont pass
if you dont like you want to
then maybe we can bend the rules some
have a two-some
got me thinking i could use some